Shannon Stange’s Vision for FSJ

Mr. Shannon Stange has a vision for the community of Fort St. John.

Current Thoughts and Commentary

October 14, 2022 interview on the podcast Kevin Unscripted.

Campaign for Mayor of Fort St. John in 2022

My segment in the Moose Talks interview below begins at 18:25



  • Consult, Collaborate, Communicate
  • Open Doors and Town Halls so that we listen to people before acting for them.
  • Create growth forums where business leaders shape economic development.
  • Define a future of hope that embodies the dreams of our children for this city.
  • Respect our diversity while inspiring our unity.
  • Freedom of expression for all



  • Pursue parallel economic development in both proven and emerging energy sectors.
  • Diversify our economic focus with initiatives to attract business in new sectors.
  • Find new ways to capitalize on our energy wealth.
  • Work with key partners to start an innovation centre.



  • Accessible, Appropriate, Affordable
  • Budget for roads that increase as we expand.
  • Replace pool with an indoor recreation facility.
  • Revitalize the downtown core with zoning designed to attract.


Housing, Social, and Health:

  • Find partnerships to develop housing that helps us age with dignity.
  • Ensure affordability and safety for immigrants, young families, and first-time buyers.
  • Shelters for women and children of domestic abuse.
  • More than warming shelters for the homeless while we work on homes for all.
  • Demand more from Northern Health for mental health and addiction treatment.


Service and Good Government:

  • Review rates charged for city services to ensure they reflect costs.
  • Require safe buildings, built by competent contractors with focused inspections.
  • Snow removal (not relocation) on primary streets which are heavily graveled.